Camelback Church of Christ, Inc., a 200-member congregation in central Phoenix, AZ, is looking for a personable, family-oriented, mature Christian Minister to teach and minister to our youth, youth families and other members of our congregation and to preach engaging sermons that address current issues of today. This is a full time position.

Candidate must possess the following to apply:

  • Husband of a supportive & devoted Christian wife with experience raising children.
  • Elevated level of maturity to be able to give guidance and counsel to members and families.
  • Demonstrated consistent & sustained faithful church attendance record.
  • Two (2) years’ ministry and/or youth leadership experience working with youth in a Church of Christ congregation and additional experience ministering to and working with other age groups.
  • Positive, genuine, outgoing personality that can influence a wide diversity of people including children and the elderly.
  • Ability to effectively preach & teach engaging biblical lessons to youth and adults that apply to current day situations and challenges.


Preferred qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in related field (Bible, Missions, Youth Ministry, etc.) from a (Church of Christ specific) Christian college.


QUESTIONS or TO APPLY: Send materials electronically to:

Camelback Church of Christ offers competitive salary & insurance benefits.